How to download any song from SoundCloud

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Soundcloud download limit

SoundCloud is a great service that allows you to listen to music for free. Most of the songs have an option to download them, but some do not. Unfortunately, there’s a catch when it comes to free song downloads and that is a download limit. Once the download limit for a particular song has been reached, you can no longer download it.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to bypass either the download limit or the unavailable download option. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Go to the soundcloud page of the song you want to download
  2. Press CTRL + U or Right-click on the page and click View page source
  3. Press CTRL + F and type in media
  4. Keep pressing next until you find this:
  5. Copy and paste that URL into a new tab
  6. Press CTRL+S to save the mp3 file onto your computer

That’s it! This works for any file you are able to listen to on soundcloud.

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