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Friday, January 08, 2016

How to get rid of tinnitus guaranteed method

If you've been suffering from tinnitus for a long time you know how annoying it is having a constant
Clip art of a man making noise in an ear with a big no circle
buzzing sound in one of your ears. No matter what you try to do it just doesn't seem to want to go away. You go to a doctor and they tell you they can't do anything about it because the sound is coming from your brain, not your ear. Sometimes they'll tell you to buy a tinnitus-cancelling device that can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Luckily, there's a solution that's not only quick and easy, but 100% free. The best part is you only need your hands to do this.

Getting rid of tinnitus trick

  1. Using the palms of your hands cover  your ears
  2. Have your fingers resting on the back of your head
  3. Make sure your middle fingers are pointing toward each other
  4. Put your index finger on top of your middle finger and snap them onto your skull
  5. You should hear a loud drumming noise
  6. Repeat this until the tinnitus goes away
Wasn't that easy? It saved you a trip to the doctor and also your wallet.
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

CS:GO's ranking system is beyond stupid

CS:GO is a very popular game developed by turtle rock studios and valve. It's a big step forward from CS:Source. CS:GO is almost like a modern day CS 1.6, except it's run by people who have no idea what they're doing and/or don't care about anything other than the money it brings in. The game features a matchmaking system and pairs up a group of 5 people against another group of 5 people based on their ranks.

There are several problems with Valve's matchmaking system including
  • Poor servers - 64 tick vs the standard 128 tick, Valve claims most people's PC cannot handle 128 tick. I don't buy it. I think they don't want to upgrade because it will cost them a few thousand dollars from their hundreds of millions they get from the virtual economies they've made
  • Poor localization - Getting paired with mexicans or in europe's case, Russians. 100+ ping times are not uncommon
  • Stupid team killing rules - If you accidentally kill someone 3 times you're kicked. They could easily implement a forgiveness system in which the teammate you killed decides whether to give you a strike or to forgive you
CS:GO's ranks, from silver 1 to global eliteBut that's not what this article is about. No, instead it's about the genius ranking system that Valve has come up with. A system that's supposed to be based on skill, but in reality it's far from it. The ranking system can be summed up quite easily:
  • Win x number of matches - Rank up
  • Lose x number of matches - Rank down
  • Tie - Sometimes rank up if you were on a winning streak
Your performance in these matches only plays a small role in determining your rank. If you queue up with your friends and you're a higher rank than them and despite being the top on the scoreboard, you'll still derank if you lose. It's as though Valve thinks if you're a higher rank than the other team you should be able to ace (kill every enemy by yourself) every single round. This would make sense if you're a global elite and you end up facing silvers, but if you're supreme master first class and you queue up with your friends that are, say, master guardian II to distinguished master guardian there's no way you can possibly get an ace every single round. It just doesn't happen.

Silver's are essentially new to the game, they cannot move around very easily. They cannot aim very easily. Thus, they are easy to kill. They are a lot like bots or computers playing the game. But players in master guardian I and up aren't so easy to kill. They can move around, they can aim, and usually they can get kills. It doesn't matter how good you are, you can't take on an entire team of somewhat skilled players on your own.
Baboon tapping his keyboard and getting frustrated

CS:GO Developer hard at work
If you don't queue up with your friends and play solo it's going to be difficult to rank up. Your rank ups are going to be the result of luck, not skill. That's what makes this ranking system so stupid. Again, it doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't win you do not rank up.

Some people on the Internet say they've ranked up after a loss, but this isn't because of their performance, it's because they were supposed to rank up a previous match but the system failed to notify them. So they rank up the next match regardless of its outcome.

When I first started playing this game I got placed in gold nova master after 10 wins. I actually should have been placed much higher, at DMG, but I was playing with my silver friend and ended up facing gold nova players. Regardless, I quickly ranked up to MG1 then MG2, then MGE, and then DMG. It wasn't because of my performance, but because I was able to win matches one after another.

Then, I got to legendary eagle, then legendary eagle master, and finally supreme master first class. I can safely say that DMG and above are all pretty much identical in skill levels. There is only a slight difference between a supreme and a DMG player. Usually, the supreme will have somewhat better aim and spray control, but this isn't always the case. Players at supreme on average didn't really know more smokes than players at DMG and above, nor did they know more pop flashes, nor did they know about ninja spots.

I have recently deranked from supreme to LEM due to a losing streak and I did not notice any changes in skill level. I got another losing streak and further deranked to LE. Again, there's not much difference in skill levels.

At all the ranks I've played, there was a common theme:
  • One match you'd play against players close to your skill level and end up having a close game. This is the most fun
  • Another match you'd play against players who seem to belong in the silver ranks and end up destroying them 16-0
  • Then finally, you'd play against players who always get an instant headshot the moment they peak you, yet they don't know any smokes nor pop flashes and they even have terrible movement. In this case, it's almost always hackers.
Here's the funny thing about Valve and their ranking system: they recently disabled voice communication between the two teams at warm-up, during the halftime, and once the match is over. They claim this will allow players to discuss strategies, lol. Not once in my 600 hours of playing this game has anyone discussed strategies before the match has started. Here's the changelog text:
In official competitive matches, voice communications are now team-only in warmup and half-time, allowing players to discuss player roles and strategies.
The true reason they disabled it is to prevent players from raging. For example, if one team has say won only 1 round while the other team has won 14 rounds, the former team is going to rage at the other during halftime. Essentially, Valve wanted to make the game less toxic. Funny, they still use a ranking system that's based on wins only. What do you think is going to make someone rage? I know there's lots of players that would rage at their team if they were losing, especially if that player was on a winning streak and close to ranking up.

In short, don't waste your time playing CS:GO's matchmaking. Not only are the ranks based on wins and not skill, but it's filled with hackers. Save your sanity, and get ESEA.
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Why Auto insurance is forced legal theft

Auto insurance is a legal requirement in many countries and driving without it can get in a lot of make a profit.
trouble with the law. Not only can you be fined, but you can also end up serving jail time. And this is all well and good except for the fact that insurance companies charge ridiculous rates and

In 2012, Canadian insurance companies made a whopping $4.4 billion in profit, 4.4 billion! Despite this, auto insurance rates have not decreased. And to further add insult, insurance companies are notorious for not paying out citing whatever excuse they can throw at you. Most of the time you cannot do anything about it without getting a lawyer.

If you're between the ages of 16 and 25, you're placed into a group the insurance companies love because they can charge you more than $300 a month on the basis that people in your age range are more prone to risky driving. Okay, this is kinda of justifiable, but what if we're not risky drivers? What if we never get into at fault accidents? It doesn't matter, because you're just giving away your money for no reason whatsoever. Think about it, every year you pay a ridiculous amount of money for essentially nothing. You don't get any type of refund. When you get into an accident and it's not your fault, your insurance company doesn't pay diddly-squat, but instead goes after the at-fault's insurance company for a payout.

Paying over $200 for insurance is not uncommon in Ontario, Canada and this is if you have a clean driving record and are not within the 16-25 age range. It also doesn't include comprehensive coverage. That's $2400 a year, or $4800 in two years. I can buy a nice car for $4800 if I search long enough on kijiji.

All this money you pay goes directly into the pockets of the greedy chairholders. Insurance companies should not be a for-profit business, period. If you're paying the value of your car on auto insurance within 4 years, something is wrong, and that something is with the rates these insurance companies makeup.

You should be eligible for a partial refund if you did not get into an at-fault accident every year. I think this is fair. If you get into at-fault accident your insurance company is going to pay for the repair or replacement of the victim's car.

Here's what I think a good auto insurance model would be:
  • Pay every month $50-$100 until you have paid for your car's value. The insurance company should keep track of this and put it into a reserve.
  • Continue paying $50-$100 a month and if you don't get into at-fault accident you get 90% of your money back, with the remaining 10% going to pay administration fees, like worker's salaries and whatnot
  • If you get into an accident and it's your fault the insurance company will use your reserve to pay for some of the victim's car repair or replacement. They'll increase your rates by $10 a month and your reserve to 110% of your car's value
This model is fair for both the driver and the insurance company. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Blaze Pizza Dundas Square review

I recently went to Blaze Pizza at the Dundas/Yonge location and it was the first day of opening so they were giving out free pizzas. I had to line up and wait an hour before I was even inside the place. Once inside I saw a ton of workers behind the counter, there must have been at least 6 people just for putting on the ingredients, each section had a person, like the crust section had a person, the cheese section another, then there were 2 people for the vegetables and meats. There was one person dedicated to just cooking the pizza and another for just packaging it. This doesn't seem like a sustainable business model to me as subway's always have 1-2 people doing all the work, at least behind the counter. But, it must have been because they were anticipating a large number of customers for the free pizza otherwise having that many workers there all the time doesn't make sense.

The ordering experience

behind the counter at blaze pizza showing the stainless steel fire ovenThe workers seemed really nice and happy to be working there, but it was their first day on the job so they haven't had any real experience. Starting my order was as easy as subway's, I first had to choose the type of crust I wanted, either regular or gluten-free, and then the cheese or cheeses, afterwards it was the vegetables and meats. I wanted extra chicken on mine so I told the worker behind the counter to add more and she asked if I still wanted more to which I said yes, it didn't seem like there was a limit to the amount of chicken I could add to the pizza. Eventually, the pizza was covered with chicken pieces so I told her that's enough and besides I felt bad taking so much chicken.

After that, my pizza was basically done and I had to wait for the cook to put it in the oven. The oven actually looks really nice. Its shape looks like a regular pizza oven's, but is made from stainless steel. There are visible flames coming out from each side of the oven.

Waiting time was around 5-10 minutes after my pizza was constructed. I think the cooking time was around 2-5 minutes, but it was relatively quick. However, the crust on my pizza ended up burned which I was not happy with.

The Pizza

blaze pizza entire pizza with lots of toppings including chicken, tomato, onionsMy pizza was nice and hot and smelled great. It looked appetizing but upon the first bite I knew I would never buy a pizza from there. The pizza tasted dull and lacked any pizza-like taste. The sauce was very weak and bland. The cheese was so weak in taste that I could only taste the dough and the toppings. And the pizza was greasy, very greasy, why was it so greasy? I have never had such a greasy pizza in my life. Nothing compares to it, not pizza pizza, not dominos, not pizza hut, heck
even fried chicken was less greasy than blaze pizza's pizza.

To add insult to injury, the crust was so thin that the toppings all fell apart when I picked up a slice, as if though the crust was a piece of paper. Looking at it from the side the crust was razor thin! Given Blaze Pizza's entire business model, this isn't surprising at all.

Blaze Pizza wants to create a subway-like experience, but with pizzas. There is probably no way they could prepare a complete pizza out of scratch in less than 10 minutes without making the dough as thin as possible. This is because the dough is what takes a long-time to cook when making pizza. Their meats were precooked and were only warmed up in the oven. The cheese takes little time to melt at the extremely high temperature they're using. The only thing that takes time is the dough.

Because of this, the dough will always be razor-thin unless they start offering customers the option to wait longer for a thicker pizza.

After I was done eating I was still hungry. It definitely did not fill me up. Usually when I get pizza from say Pizza Pizza and I get their large, which is about $13, I eat about 3 slices at a time and stay full for about 4-5 hours before I eat another 2 slices. I always have leftover slices for the next day which justifies spending $13 on a pizza. Blaze Pizza costs $11 and it only comes in one size, small.


All in all, the pizza felt like a rip-off even though I got it for free. The razor-thin crust and the bland taste of the pizza makes me wonder how Blaze Pizza has stayed in business for so long. It has nothing unique going for it other than its short waiting-time. Other pizza joints like Pizza Pizza also offer a ton of customization so what Blaze Pizza is doing is nothing new.

Overall Rating: 2 stars out of 5
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to fix not loading for Bell users

twitch logo with a circle cancel on itIf you try to load and it fails to load or only partially loads with broken images and CSS
then your ISP may be to blame. For me, I use Bell Internet and a lot of people are reporting problems with Bell Internet and where either fails to load completely or shows a blank or white page, or it doesn't even complete the DNS lookup and your browser says that the DNS lookup failed.

This problem is common among Bell Internet users and the Bell ISP is to blame for this. The DNS lookup servers on the Bell network are blocking requests most of the time. Why they do this is not known, but perhaps it's to save bandwidth as consumes a lot of bandwidth.

The fix for this is easy and simple, all you have to do is switch your DNS server to Google's public DNS.

How to switch to Google's Public DNS in Windows

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Search for Network and Sharing Center and open it
  3. Click on Change adapter settings in the top left corner
  4. Right click on your adapter and click Properties
  5. Scroll down until you see Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click it
  6. Click the Properties button
  7. At the bottom, select Use the following DNS server addresses
  8. In the Preferred DNS server textbox type in
  9. Click OK and click OK again
  10. Try and load and it should work now
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to remove your name in the top right corner in Chrome

chome new user account switcher in the top right corner near minusYou may have recently noticed that Chrome now displays your name in the top right corner near the
minus, maximize, and close buttons. The new update has brought forth account switching. The point of this is to let multiple people use the same computer and use Chrome with their own personal settings by simple switching to their account. Customizable things such as themes and extensions are now custom set for each user, i.e. Person 1 may have a green theme while Person 2 may have a blue theme.

Despite these new features, the update makes it so your name is always shown on the top right of the window which can not only be annoying, but also privacy-intruding. You may not want your name displayed at all times, whether it's because you're using your laptop at school or a coffee shop or you've signed in to Chrome on a public computer.

Luckily, there's a way to remove your name from showing up in the top right corner and it doesn't require technical knowledge.

Removing the Chrome avatar menu

    Chrome new avatar menu in the top right corner removed
  1. Open a new tab
  2. Copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-new-avatar-menu into the address bar and press Enter
  3. You should see an option highlighted yellow with the text Enable the new avatar menu Mac, Windows, Linux Enables the new avatar menu. When combined with new-profile-management, it simply shows the new profile management avatar menu. Otherwise it shows a redesigned avatar menu with the same functionality as the old one, plus a tutorial card at the top prompting the user to try out the new profile management UI. #enable-new-avatar-menu
  4. Click on the combo drop-down box and select Disabled
  5. Restart Chrome and the name box should now be gone

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Friday, February 21, 2014

How to fix YouTube not adding videos to favorites

YouTube not displaying favorites when saving a video from add toYou may have noticed in the last few weeks or so when you add a video to your favorites it does not appear at the top of the list when you view your favorites. The video counter will go up and when you add the video to your favorites everything seems to work fine. There are no errors or any indication that the video has not been added to your favorites.

This is because YouTube has once again changed its design and now when you add videos to your favorites it gets added to the end rather than the beginning. Why? Well favorites are no longer favorites. The old favorites is now gone and upon creating a new YouTube account you will notice that there is no option to save a video to your favorites when you click on Add to, rather it just displays 'Watch Later'. The old Favorites is now a list and when you add a video to a list it gets added to the end.

This means that when saving a video to your favorites you need to check the box that says 'Add videos to top of list' and your video should appear at the beginning of your favorites.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to mine DogeCoins

DogeCoin wallet downloading blockchains and saying syncing with networkDogeCoin is a satire crypotocurrency based on the Doge meme. DogeCoin is similar to Bitcoin in that both are a form of electronic currency, but while Bitcoin caps out at 21 million coins, DogeCoins has a whopping 100 billion coin cap, with a b.

There are a couple of different ways you can obtain some DogeCoin. You can either mine it, trade for it, beg someone to give you some, or use what is known as Faucets. Trading is as the name suggests, you can give something to receive a certain amount of DogeCoins. That can be anything from real-world money to items you possess. Faucets are sites that give 1 to 100 free DogeCoins. You can think of them as welfare for those exceptionally poor Doges. Mining is currently the best way to obtain DogeCoins.

Anyone, anywhere can mine DogeCoins as long as they have an Internet connection and a computer. Though, your computer needs a relatively good-performing video card in order to mine a decent amount. The better your video card, the faster you will mine.

Setting up accounts

To get started with DogeCoin mining you will need a wallet to store your wealth. Download it from the official site. Open it and it will start downloading blockchains. Minimize it and continue on.

Now you will need to choose a pool site and create an account. Here's a list of pools. Choose whichever you like and load the site. Create an account by clicking on the 'Sign up' link on the left hand side under 'Other'.

After you've created the account you will need to create a worker so head over to the 'My Workers' link under 'My Account'. Name your worker anything and give them a secure password and after you're done click 'Add New Worker'.

Mining software

If you have an nVidia graphics card you will need to download cudaminer.

If you have an AMD graphics card then download cgminer.

You will need to setup the mining software so that it points to your account and worker. To do this, first extract the mining software and open the folder.

Setting up Cudaminer

For Cudaminer in Windows you will need to know whether your system is 64-bits or 32-bits. If you don't
know then follow these steps:
Windows 7 Computer properties showing system type as 64-bit operating system
  1. Left click on the Windows Start button
  2. Right click on Computer
  3. Click properties
  4. Under System Type it will say either 64-bit Operating System or 32-bit Operating System
If you have a 32-bit OS then open the x86 folder otherwise open the x64 folder if you have a 64-bit OS.
  1. Right click in the white space
  2. Go to New -> Text Document
  3. Copy and paste the code:
cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://<domain>:<port> -O <username>.<workername>:<workerPassword>

Setting up Cgminer

For Cgminer you don't need to worry about if your operating system is 32-bits or 64-bits.
  1. Right click in the white space
  2. Go to New -> Text Document
  3. Copy and paste the code:
cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://<domain>:<port> -u <username>.<workerName> -p <workerPassword>

Getting the information for the miners

Both Cudaminer and Cgminer require the domain and port number the pool is using so open the pool you chose previously and click on 'Getting Started' in the left sidebar. It should list the port and domain of the site. Simply copy and paste the domain into the text file as well as the port number.

For the username type in the username you chose to create the account on that pool site. The workername and workerpassword is the worker's information that you created in the previous steps.

Make sure you delete the <> brackets, but do not touch anything else.

Now you will need to save it as a .bat file:
    Cudaminer console mining and showing statistics
  1. Click File
  2. Click Save As...
  3. On the right side of 'Save as type' click the drop down menu that lists Text Documents (*.txt) and select All Files (*.*)
  4. Name your file whatever you want, but the extension should be .bat, i.e. Miner.bat and save it
Open the file and it should start mining DogeCoins.

Receiving DogeCoin payments

After digging(mining) all those DogeCoins you deserve a paycheck, but how do you get one? It's easy, you can either request a cash out or you can setup an automatic payment system which pays you when you acquire a certain threshold.

Open your pool's website and click on 'Edit Account'. Open your DogeCoin wallet and click on the 'Much Receive' tab and you should have one address listed there. Right click it, click Edit and name it something that will let you know it's from the pool you've chosen and click OK. Now, right click it and click copy address. Paste the address in the 'Payment Address' and save changes. It should now list your payment address in the cash out address text box. You can use the cash out area to send DogeCoins to your wallet. It will take a few minutes to process but once it's done you should see a recent transaction appear in your wallet.

Tip me

If you found this post helpful then you can tip me DogeCoins using this address: DF1Ynn11bjuYXzccF49hK1GAXyF4hXSZdn

        such generous
   much thanks
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

How to fix Vine videos not playing in FireFox

Screenshot showing disabled in FireFox's about:config pageIn FireFox 21.0+, Vine videos do not play or load for that matter. All that appears is the thumbnail of the video. The cause of this problem lies within FireFox's built-in mp4 media player. For whatever reason, it is not playing Vine videos or HTML5 videos for that matter. Google Chrome has no problem playing Vine videos and surprisingly, neither does Internet Explorer 8, but only because Internet Explorer 8 does not support HTML5 video playback.

Apparently, FireFox tried implementing HTML5 video playback, but did not bother fully testing it for bugs and issues. In order to properly play HTML5 videos in FireFox you need to disable the HTML5 media player. This in turn causes the page to load the flash player version of the media you are trying to watch.

Fixing HTML5 video playback in FireFox

FireFox's built-in HTML5 media player is called Disabling it should fix HTML5 video's not playing.
  1. Open a new tab in FireFox
  2. Navigate to about:config
  3. If a page loads with the title This might void your warranty! click the I'll be careful, I promise! button
  4. In the search bar at the top of the page, copy and paste
  5. Double click on to disable it
  6. Restart FireFox
Try playing a Vine video. It should work now that HTML5 is no longer the default media player.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

How to fix PS3 firmware 4.45 brick

PS3 firmware 4.45 bricks the consoleThe latest Sony Playstation 3 firmware is wrecking havoc on many gamer's consoles. If you are reading this
post and have not yet updated your PS3, make sure you keep it that way. By updating your PS3 to the latest firmware you risk having your console bricked, i.e. made unusable (other than being paperweight of course). It seems this issue is affecting consoles with upgraded HDD and not stock PS3 consoles, however, just to be on the safe side it is advised you do not update it.

Luckily, there's an easy way to fix your console or unbrick it. It involves a series of steps, but should not take a long time. You do not need to open your console up or go into any technical details.

Instructions for PS3 firmware 4.45 brick fix

The PS3 system needs to be in what is called recovery mode:
  1. Make sure the PS3 is in standby mode first, i.e. the red light is on
  2. Press and hold the power button
  3. You will hear a beep, keep holding the power button
  4. A second beep will sound, let go of the power button after you hear it
  5. The PS3 should be in standby mode again
  6. Press and hold the power button again
  7. Keep holding it after the first beep
  8. There should be two fast consecutive beeps, release the power button when you hear them
The PS3 system will now boot to recovery mode. Attach the USB cable to your console and controller and press the PS Button.

Warning: Do not play around with the options on this menu. Doing so may result in your HDD being formatted. Your HDD carries trophies, saves, videos, pictures, music, games, and other important data.
  1. Download the firmware fix from Sony
  2. Make a folder on your flash drive called PS3 then make another folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE. Make sure they are both in capital letters. The directory should look like this: /PS3/UPDATE
  3. Place the firmware fix inside the UPDATE folder
  4. Insert your flash drive into one of your PS3's USB port
  5. Select '6. Update Firmware' from the recovery menu
  6. Follow the instructions from then-on
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