How to EASILY Fix VAC Was Unable to Verify Your Game Session [2021]

CSGO VAC Error Fix
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Are you trying to play CS:GO but can’t because it says VAC was unable to verify the game session? Here’s how to solve it:

How to fix VAC was unable to verify the game session in CS:GO

  1. Open CS:GO
  2. Alt tab out of the game
  3. Leave it running for about 10 minutes
  4. Go back to CS:GO and it should work now


Volvo’s extremely competent team has yet again broken the game with their abysmal QA. You’d think developers with over 20 years of experience would have learned their mistakes by now, but Valve fanboys will forgive them for literally anything they do.

Imagine if this was an EA game or an Epic game, braindead social sites like Reddit would be filled with propaganda about how these companies are bad and its users would no doubt be foaming at the mouth with their pitchforks ready. And yet these same people don’t even bat an eye when Valve does something equally bad or even worse.

For instance, gambling in video games started or was at least made popular in Valve’s Team Fortress 2. The day the crate update happened is the day Valve stopped being a gaming company and became a greedy, selfish business whose only motivation is to make money, money, and more money.

In fact, this greedy and immoral practice of getting kids and those with gambling addictions hooked on opening crates still happens today. This is especially disgusting considering the way opening crates in CS:GO works. It doesn’t just open the crate up, no, it cycles through ‘valuable’ items in order to tease your mind and motivate you to continue opening crates. It creates that sweet, dopamine-rush of “I almost got it”.

Where is the outrage over this blatant built-in casino that targets children and the vulnerable? No where, because Valve is a small indie company who needs billions of dollars in pure profit so they can maintain their 64 tick servers which are still running on hardware from 2005.

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