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How to fix PS3 firmware 4.45 brick

PS3 firmware 4.45 bricks the consoleThe latest Sony Playstation 3 firmware is wrecking havoc on many gamer’s consoles. If you are reading this
post and have not yet updated your PS3, make sure you keep it that way. By updating your PS3 to the latest firmware you risk having your console bricked, i.e. made unusable (other than being paperweight of course). It seems this issue is affecting consoles with upgraded HDD and not stock PS3 consoles, however, just to be on the safe side it is advised you do not update it.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix your console or unbrick it. It involves a series of steps, but should not take a long time. You do not need to open your console up or go into any technical details.

Instructions for PS3 firmware 4.45 brick fix

The PS3 system needs to be in what is called recovery mode:

  1. Make sure the PS3 is in standby mode first, i.e. the red light is on
  2. Press and hold the power button
  3. You will hear a beep, keep holding the power button
  4. A second beep will sound, let go of the power button after you hear it
  5. The PS3 should be in standby mode again
  6. Press and hold the power button again
  7. Keep holding it after the first beep
  8. There should be two fast consecutive beeps, release the power button when you hear them

The PS3 system will now boot to recovery mode. Attach the USB cable to your console and controller and press the PS Button.

Warning: Do not play around with the options on this menu. Doing so may result in your HDD being formatted. Your HDD carries trophies, saves, videos, pictures, music, games, and other important data.

  1. Download the firmware fix from Sony
  2. Make a folder on your flash drive called PS3 then make another folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE. Make sure they are both in capital letters. The directory should look like this: /PS3/UPDATE
  3. Place the firmware fix inside the UPDATE folder
  4. Insert your flash drive into one of your PS3’s USB port
  5. Select ‘6. Update Firmware‘ from the recovery menu
  6. Follow the instructions from then-on
Console Gaming Troubleshooting

Java PS3 Media Server not working with ESET

Java PS3 media server is a great tool for streaming music and videos to your PS3 so you can watch or listen to them on your TV or home theater system. When I heard about this great tool I decided to download it and try it out for myself, but upon successfully installing it and trying it out, to my disappointment, it could not find the PS3.

Java PS3 Media Server not working

After hours of painfully troubleshooting it, I finally found the solution to the problem, ESET Smart Security.

Here’s what I did to fix ESET’s firewall from blocking java ps3 media server:

  1. Open up ESET Smart Security
  2. Click on Setup -> Network -> Advanced Personal firewall setup
  3. Set the filtering mode to Automatic mode with exceptions (user-defined rules) and click OK
  4. Click on Configure rules and zones
  5. In rules, click new. Name it whatever you want.
  6. Set the following parameters:
    • Direction: Both
    • Action: Allow
    • Protocol: TCP & UDP
  7. Click the Local tab and under Application, browse for the file javaw.exe usually located in C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7binjavaw.exe
Note: The directory may differ for you, but make sure to use the latest Java version, i.e. if you have both Java version 6 as well as Java version 7, make sure you select the javaw.exe that’s located in the version 7 Java directory.
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Warriors Orochi 2 is awesome

I recently got Warriors Orochi 2 when I had beaten the first Warriors Orochi. I played the game for 4 hours straight! Yes, it was that good.

The first thing I noticed about the game that was different from Warriors Orochi was that the mount was significantly faster than that of Warriors Orochi. I think the main reason for this is because in Warriors Orochi, once the ability Impulse is maxed out and the character is at level 99, the character can simply outrun the mount therefore it’s rendered useless.

The game introduces new modes such as dream and vs mode. I have not gotten around to playing those modes, but from what I’ve heard, they seem pretty descent.

Also, there’s a prequel to Orochi’s story that explains how he rounded up the most powerful warriors ever known and it explains how he captured the Shu leader, Liu Bei. I haven’t finished the story just yet so I don’t know whether it explains other stuff like how Lu Bu got to be his guard or how Cao Cao was captured.