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How to Actually Get Rid of Tinnitus – Works Everytime

If you’ve been suffering from tinnitus for a long time you know how annoying it is having a constant

Clip art of a man making noise in an ear with a big no circle

buzzing sound in one of your ears. No matter what you try to do it just doesn’t seem to want to go away. You go to a doctor and they tell you they can’t do anything about it because the sound is coming from your brain, not your ear. Sometimes they’ll tell you to buy a tinnitus-cancelling device that can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Luckily, there’s a solution that’s not only quick and easy, but 100% free. The best part is you only need your hands to do this.

Getting rid of tinnitus trick

  1. Using the palms of your hands cover  your ears
  2. Have your fingers resting on the back of your head
  3. Make sure your middle fingers are pointing toward each other
  4. Put your index finger on top of your middle finger and snap them onto your skull
  5. You should hear a loud drumming noise
  6. Repeat this until the tinnitus goes away

Wasn’t that easy? It saved you a trip to the doctor and also your wallet.

Life Tips

List of boredom sites

Male boy sitting in a chair bored

I constantly find myself being bored and I don’t know whether it’s because I have almost no hobbies or if I just spoil myself, but I cannot stand it. Being bored is like getting tortured for me. It’s a state of mind in which you experience no pain, but you still cannot tolerate it.

In today’s technology-driven world, a lot of us find ourselves drawn in into non-productive things like listening to music, texting, using Facebook, Twitter, etc, or using our smartphones, and while these activities are a great way to pass the time, many of us often find ourselves too indulged in them.

We have 86,400 seconds in a day or 24 hours, of which 7-8 hours are spent sleeping. That leaves 16 hours for us to use. If you can just devote 1 hour of those 16 hours into doing something productive then in an entire year you will have allocated 365 hours doing productive things.

Here is a list of things you can do with those 365 hours:

Videos and Lectures:


  • Chess – Play chess against other players or against a computer
  • AudioBooksForFree – Listen to audio books completely free
  • Sporcle – Stimulating brain games
Educational YouTube Channels

Want even more things to do? Check out these sites: