Java PS3 Media Server not working with ESET

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Java PS3 media server is a great tool for streaming music and videos to your PS3 so you can watch or listen to them on your TV or home theater system. When I heard about this great tool I decided to download it and try it out for myself, but upon successfully installing it and trying it out, to my disappointment, it could not find the PS3.

Java PS3 Media Server not working

After hours of painfully troubleshooting it, I finally found the solution to the problem, ESET Smart Security.

Here’s what I did to fix ESET’s firewall from blocking java ps3 media server:

  1. Open up ESET Smart Security
  2. Click on Setup -> Network -> Advanced Personal firewall setup
  3. Set the filtering mode to Automatic mode with exceptions (user-defined rules) and click OK
  4. Click on Configure rules and zones
  5. In rules, click new. Name it whatever you want.
  6. Set the following parameters:
    • Direction: Both
    • Action: Allow
    • Protocol: TCP & UDP
  7. Click the Local tab and under Application, browse for the file javaw.exe usually located in C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7binjavaw.exe
Note: The directory may differ for you, but make sure to use the latest Java version, i.e. if you have both Java version 6 as well as Java version 7, make sure you select the javaw.exe that’s located in the version 7 Java directory.
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  1. Anonymous

    didnt work for me with eset 6

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