UBI would give people actual freedom, Experts warn

An angry business slams his desk on a table. A caption says "Nooo! You can't just eliminate poverty like that"
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As the economy worsens and as people continue being laid off, many are advocating for the government to introduce universal basic income (UBI). Advocates often say that UBI would allow people to afford basic necessities, like food and shelter.

They also say that it would improve mental health by decreasing the stress of worrying about how they’re going to pay next month’s rent. But others consider these luxuries and should not be handed out freely.

Opponents argue that UBI would disincentivize many people from being forced to work soul-sucking jobs and would instead actually pursue their interests in life.

“If we give everyone the bare minimum to survive then no one is going to be cleaning up toilets at minimum wage. Companies would be forced to increase the wages of menial jobs until people feel that it’s worth trading some of their life for.” said Fat Cat CEO.

He goes on to say “Hard work, discipline, and other characteristics of the perfect employee will fly out the window with UBI. No one is actually willing to work hard if they don’t feel the pressure of poverty on their feet. UBI effectively gives people a floor to stand on so they can say no to work that is demeaning. We can’t have that. People already have too many rights as it is.”

Others, who are totally not shareholders, also chime in saying “What are they going to do with their free time? Pursue their dreams? Start their own company? Do something for the community? If they’re not working dead-end jobs, they’re lazy, period.” said a boomer as he had his feet on the table and smoked a cigar.

He added “Yup, hard work is what life’s all about.”, as he phoned a subordinate manager “HEY! Get those numbers up ASAP. I want to buy a new yacht this summer. My old one’s too small.”

Given the economic costs of unemployment and poverty, giving people money to help stimulate the economy just doesn’t make sense to the boomer.

Advocates of UBI have only one thing to say in response: “OK boomer.”

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