Stretching to grow taller

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When I woke up this morning, I noticed something different; I was taller. I thought I had stopped growing since I had a growth spurt a little over a year ago and I thought that I was as tall as my genes could let me go.

Stretching releases large amounts of growth hormone which in turn will not only make a person bigger, but it will also cut body fat levels.

Stretching can also be beneficial to joints as well as the muscles by reducing muscle tension and improve circulation.

What we did in Taekwondo was very difficult and somewhat painful. First, we did splits then we slowly sat down on our butts while maintaining the split. After, we grabbed the ankles of our feet and slowly went down to the ground until our noses touched it.

I had to get help from a higher belt because I had too much resistance. I was suprised and amazed at what I did after getting help from the higher belt; I actually touched the ground with my nose. In the end, I found out that the higher belt only gave me his weight so that I could go down easier.

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